Website complete…kinda

I cannot believe how long it takes to copy, paste, transfer, update, upload download and test a new website.  I have been working on this since Nov 2012, starting with picking a WordPress theme and when I finally decided on one (Thank you Edward Jenkins!) there was still so much more to learn…but I did it and I love it!  OK…I say the website is complete but really its not quite and never will be.  I will spend a lot of time, tweaking and adding new content.  Currently i still have to upload and add a million more photos and find a proper photo gallery that makes it easy to scroll through. I also have to complete the “Corporate Team Building” section, the “Audio” section and the “EPK”….*Le sigh*…OK so fine… still not done but done enough!  I have obsessed over this too long and I’ve got to focus on marketing.  I’m really pleased I upgraded my hosting to unlimited and dove into WordPress.  this was a whole new world and I learned a lot.  I’m still learning! I’m connected to Google Analytics and I’ve got a counter so I’m all set.  Oh….and my logo!!! I love it.  My amazing tenant Emily designed it and I think its awesome.  Great job girl….keep it up! I’m typing this at 3:30 am so I hope I’m making sense…anyway off to bed.  Yay…I’m done! oh yes….launching website within the next 24 hours.  People  have to see my hard work – Woot!!!


Some of you seem to misunderstand what I do on a regular basis. What you all see is the singing, the band, the coaching and the jam which is awesome….but what most of you do not see is: marketing me and marketing my business, meeting/networking with potential clients, taking calls from corporate clients and students, scheduling students, writing up and sending quotes to corporate clients, negotiating contracts, writing up and sending contracts, creating invoices, scheduling band members, arranging sound equipment, setting up equipment, tearing down equipment, shooting and editing promo videos, updating my website, researching, subbing in with other bands, learning new tunes, session recordings, voice over/acting auditions, photo shoots, memorizing/learning scripts, video shoots, songwriting, meetings with sponsors, negotiating and sometimes renegotiating with venue owners, promoting my public gigs, troubleshooting, resolving conflicts, and soooooo much more.

I love what I do. Although it comes with big highs and huge lows, I love the results of my hard work…but please never assume that my life is like an episode of Disney. I work my tail off to pay my bills and exceed client expectations. My singing may look effortless but there is serious hard work behind it.Sometimes a girl’s just gotta vent…:)