Favourite Singer

I find one of the toughest sessions to teach is when I am pushing a students range because most people are very resistant to hearing their own voice crack or hit the wrong note. So today during one of these tough sessions with a teenage student, I ask “Who is your favourite singer right now?” …with the intention of using this info to motivate her. Without skipping a beat she says “You!” ….Not expecting that answer I blushed and paused for a sec and smiled because she completely threw me off my game.

lol….and that folks is how you become my new favourite student haha

oh and yes she rocked those high notes after that!

Singing is about energy

Singing is about energy. My obligation as a singer is to make you feel what I feel. When I sing I am sharing with you my feelings of happiness, sadness, joy, pain, anguish, triumph, hurt, bliss, confusion, frustration and love …all in the context of a beautiful story or poem. As a singer it is my job to entertain you ….to woo you …to remind you of what it is like to feel. To make you smile or to make you cry. As a singer I am completely vulnerable as I look into your eyes and let you into my heart and show you my soul. Singing is about energy.

Website complete…kinda

I cannot believe how long it takes to copy, paste, transfer, update, upload download and test a new website.  I have been working on this since Nov 2012, starting with picking a WordPress theme and when I finally decided on one (Thank you Edward Jenkins!) there was still so much more to learn…but I did it and I love it!  OK…I say the website is complete but really its not quite and never will be.  I will spend a lot of time, tweaking and adding new content.  Currently i still have to upload and add a million more photos and find a proper photo gallery that makes it easy to scroll through. I also have to complete the “Corporate Team Building” section, the “Audio” section and the “EPK”….*Le sigh*…OK so fine… still not done but done enough!  I have obsessed over this too long and I’ve got to focus on marketing.  I’m really pleased I upgraded my hosting to unlimited and dove into WordPress.  this was a whole new world and I learned a lot.  I’m still learning! I’m connected to Google Analytics and I’ve got a counter so I’m all set.  Oh….and my logo!!! I love it.  My amazing tenant Emily designed it and I think its awesome.  Great job girl….keep it up! I’m typing this at 3:30 am so I hope I’m making sense…anyway off to bed.  Yay…I’m done! oh yes….launching website within the next 24 hours.  People  have to see my hard work – Woot!!!