Queen Carolyn T

Vocalist, Entertainer, TED Talks Speaker, Voice and Performance Coach

Greetings Music Lovers! My name is Queen Carolyn T, Professional Diva and Chanteuse. I've been singing for over 30 yrs and nothing pleases me more than entertaining a crowd. I've performed at weddings, conferences, Christmas parties,  birthdays, anniversaries,  churches, conventions, house parties and so much more.  I work as a soloist (either a capella or with musical accompaniment) or with a full band consisting of super-talented professional musicians performing all sorts of genres like jazz, soul, r&b, funk, gospel, classical, music theatre, pop, rock, reggae etc. I have the best job in the world and it would be an honour to sing at your special event!

Solo Artist

The best part of what I do is all the fun, new and exciting challenges. My amazing clients book me for all sorts of different reasons: 

  • Session Singer for studio recordings or live performances, either as backups or lead.
  • Wedding Singer for ceremonies and first dances.
  • Singing Telegram for birthdays and marriage proposals.
  • Spoken Word Artist for live poetry readings.
  • Actor for videos or voice overs.

Live Band

The great thing about being a solo artist is I can be flexible with my band size.  With myself on vocals, I can provide a:

  • Jazz Cocktail duo, trio or quartet, consisting of keys, bass or drums. Classy yet low key. Perfect for a cocktail party.
  • Funk Party Band, 5 to 7 pcs, consisting of keys, bass, drums, guitar and/or sax (horns). Perfect for dancing. 
  • Big Band, 8pcs and up consisting of keys, bass, drums, guitar, percussions, backups and a horn sections. Perfect for a big bash!