“As a voice coach, Carolyn Thompson was outstanding.  As a budding politician, she helped me enormously to better enunciate, pace my delivery and inject some emotional anecdotes into my speeches.   While I didn’t get elected in the October 2011 provincial election,  I did much better in the eight debates than I otherwise would have, due to the wonderful training sessions that Carolyn provided.

Tim Grant
Green Party of Ontario candidate in Trinity-Spadina

create energy

“Before we worked with Carolyn, we know how to play but we didn’t know how to perform. She changed all of that. We now know how to listen to each other, create energy and most importantly communicate and create an impact with the audience. We went from good to great!

Ken Goodwin
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Partner & Drummer of Winning Band “Bill’s Choice” of the “Big 4 Battle of the Band”Oct 2011


“Thank you Carolyn for taking part in our 3rd annual “Woman’s Worth” event. (proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research). The event is surrounded by so much emotion throughout the day and as our keynote speaker you really did an amazing job with connecting and engaging our audience, adding humor and fun to the event. We received a great deal of positive feedback for your presentation and we hope we have the opportunity in being entertained by you again.

Mary Corrado
The Business Agents


“I had the priveledge of meeting Carolyn at “A Woman’s Worth” Seminar. She was the key note speaker and she captured everyones attention from the beginning. Her poise and grace and confidence draws you in, her talent and beauty keeps you there. She had people eager to volunteer for her vocal exercises, and she had us giggling in our seats. And when she sang she had us wanting more. After her speech, I had the privelege to sit beside Carolyn, and I have found a kindred spirit in her. She is truly one of those charasmatic people in life that you feel blessed to have met. Thank you Carolyn xo”

Lisa Creasor
Canadore College
mother of 3, Practical Nursing student


“I was thrilled to hear that Carolyn was the key note speaker for the Woman’s Worth Seminar.  From the moment I met Carolyn, I knew we were kindred spirits!  She is passionate about life and has a bigger than life presence.  With her friendly and welcoming presence, she connects with her audience with ease and flow. Her dynamic energy draws people to her and her key note presentation was brilliant.  When she asked for volunteers, so many hands went up for the opportunity to work with her.  To our joy and amazement she shared with us gems and fun exercises to create a powerful presence, how to think on our feet, project clearly while reaching our own audience with our voice and with confidence.  She had the volunteers say the fun phrase from “My Fair Lady” through “The rain in spain falls mainly on the plane.”  This simple and powerful fun exercise showed us how we can speak clearly, pronouncing our words and reach a full room.  I am still singing the song and remembering the day’s event with Carolyn! Everyone left with a take away about confidence and tapping into our own genius!  I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who wants to grow themselves and their business.

Moira Sutton
Life & Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author “8 Keys to Unlocking your Infinite Passion”

positive role model

“This summer, my 15 year old daughter expressed interest in getting vocal lessons / coaching. After thoroughly researching potential coaches online, Carolyn Thompson is 1 of 3 who made my shortlist. She was also the first one I contacted (out of the 3). Needless to say, when Carolyn and I spoke on the phone, I knew immediately that she is the right fit for my daughter and I booked sessions with her. My daughter is quite opinionated and she will let me know right away if it wasn’t working out…. We’re still with Carolyn as we speak so that says a lot! I noticed several encouraging changes in my daughter’s demeanor right away – increased confidence, improved verbal expression, positive self-esteem, not to mention an amazingly strong voice that my daughter was delighted and happy to find within herself. It’s hard enough to be a teenage girl these days, and I am a believer in continuously supporting and encouraging my daughter throughout her transition to adulthood. I am relieved to find someone like Carolyn in our community. She is a positive role model for my daughter (and for others who are lucky enough to cross paths with her).

Elaine De Marzo-Robins, PMP
Rogers Communications Inc
Program Manager

true methods

“Carolyn Thompson is a great voice coach. She’s genuine and uses tried and true methods to up your game. Something as simple as shaping my mouth a certain way helped me round out my sound. And she does it all with a smile, lol.

Tim Washington
Software Developer

invaluable performance techniques

“Carolyn T is a powerful woman and an inspiring performer. Her vibrant,passionate presence is truly something not only to behold, but from which to learn. During our coaching session, she competently addressed my questions with relevant information and advice garnered from years of experience in the music industry. However, she also went beyond what I knew to ask, showing me invaluable performance techniques that I would not otherwise have learned. Carolyn’s Monday night jam at Harlem provides incredible opportunities to meet other musicians, to practice one’s own performance skills and, not least, to listen to fantastic music. I feel very fortunate to know Carolyn and I highly recommend her as a performer and as a coach.

Meghan McMaster


“I am an inspiring actor and Improv / Stand Up comedian. I came to Carolyn to work on various aspects of voice and singing coaching as I wanted to implement singing into my acts and hope to get a clearer and more powerful voice on stage. Carolyn quickly determines her coaching strategy and lessons and to cater a solution that specifically helps your needs. I had two particular problems and she has guided me in the right direction in fixing them. It was a very fun and educational first set of lesson’s and will continue seeing her through out my rising career.

Ricky R. Singh


“Carolyn is an amazing vocal coach that has helped me feeling more comfortable on stage, she is really enthusiastic and charismatic with a really soulful voice. Her Jazz nights at Harlem are thrilling and filled with fun and talented musicians in every corner.

Rodolfo Silva

world class performer

“Carolyn is a wonderful coach. She understood our client’s strengths and weaknesses in performance and completely customized the lessons for the client’s needs. Carolyn’s Open Mic Night provided great opportunities to apply what was learned from lessons into performing on stage. Carolyn is definitely recommended to people that are willing to learn to become a world class performer.

Sunny Choi
A&R Department The Rodney Company c/o Sunny Choi

contagious energy

“Going to see Carolyn T. was the best decision I made as a new musician.  Her skills and insight as a coach are incredible!  With her guidance, I took my singing and performance skills to levels I hadn’t even thought possible.  She created a warm, supportive yet challenging environment where I felt comfortable taking risks and letting it all out.  Carolyn has an amazing intuition and a nurturing spirit, and somehow knew exactly how to draw out my confidence and faith in myself.  She’s a phenomenal talent in her own right (oh, my, that voice!) and just a wonderful human being with a joyous, contagious energy.  I feel so lucky to have learned from her, and I’ll carry those skills and that inspiration with me forever.

Anila Pant
Singer / Writer


Carolyn T is everything you could want in a coach and a friend! Positive, encouraging but always challenging you to up your game and realize your potential as a singer. As a first time student I find Carolyn open to any ideas or questions I have. Her passion and enthusiasm are inspiring!

Meghan Burton
National Money Mart
Student/ Customer Service Representative

soulful voice

“Even though I have known her for a short time, Carolyn is a dynamic woman with tonnes of energy. Her soulful voice and confidence as she sings is something that I definitely hope to apply to my own performance. As a voice coach she has not only given me the skills to improve my vocal range and performance style, but has given me confidence to last a lifetime. Thanks Carolyn!

Devonna Munroe
Master’s Student

powerful tools

“I am so fortunate to have met Carolyn at one of her Open Jams at Harlem a couple months back. I jokingly told her that I wanted to become the best average singer in Toronto. Having come out of a long term relationship and being a young business woman I have found solace in singing. It has allowed me to tap into my own confidence and strength and has given me some powerful tools which I will use when public speaking, building businesses and when singing on stage (some day). Her vibrant personality and energy makes her a great coach and equally amazing person and joy to be around. Thanks Carolyn – You’re the best!

Danielle Sabourin
Real estate investor/entrepreneur/singer ; )