Special Thanks to Photographers: Gallery

James Dawson, Rudi Jock, Ian LiwanagDrew Haran and Kristy Fraleigh Gallery

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“My first experience with Carolyn was during a performance at a Beach Jazz Festival performance. I was blown away by her vocal energy and presence. Since then I’ve had the honour of photographing her during a number of performances as well as in the studio. I count myself very fortunate indeed to have met Carolyn and feel blessed to count her amongst my small circle of friends.” James Dawson – Photographer

“Wow! Simply WOW! As an entertainment photographer I was invited to shoot a couple of classes. During my career as an entertainment photographer, I have seen hundreds of singers in bands, solo artist, spoken word as well as A Capella. I have always admired someone stepping up in front of an audience, and have a deep appreciation for talent. After so many shows/performances, I believe I am good at spotting true talent over forced. Those who are at ease over those struggling to stay on stage. Since being able to witness first hand what it takes to truly perform vocally, I am now so much more aware of the effort put in by performers since attending these classes. I have personally witnessed Carolyn’s coaching and suggestions, and have seen much improvement in those students who have taken to heart her lessons. I believe Carolyn to be not only a thorough instructor, but sensitive and observing of each individual she works with, pinpointing exactly that which could use some work, while at the same time uplifting and praising that which the student already has. Should I ever be so inclined to put my own voice on the line, it is good to know I have a friend in Carolyn who will most certainly help me bring out my best. Knowing my best may not be on par with other performers is not Carolyn’s approach, but magnifying and helping one realize each persons own ABILITY most certainly is. Helping these students truly feel comfortable with what they as individuals bring to the ‘table’ is of the greatest importance, in my opinion, based on what I have witnessed. Building confidence in a room with others present is certainly an amazing tool which Carolyn has truly mastered, and- it works!” Rudi Jock – Photographer